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Towel Tracking System

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce your costs by tracking your members’ and guests’ towel usage and your clean towel stock status.

High-Tech Towel
Tracking System

Flyby Tracker is a smart towel tracking system specially developed for gyms, training studios, pools and beaches, waterparks, thermal SPAs and hospitals. Flyby Tracker provides great advantages to facilities with its innovative technology. To benefit from the advantages of Flyby Tracker, leave us your contact information, and we will prepare the most suitable offer for you.

Management Software Integrated Operation Model

Towel Placement

Towels are easily placed in the Flyby Tracker, clean and folded, using a trolley.


If Flyby Tracker is integrated with the facility's management software, guests can use their RFID membership card or wristband or enter their PIN number to open the gate and take a towel.


Towels taken are visible in the system, and their use is monitored. When clean towels run low, and the dirty towel unit is almost full, the cleaning staff receives a notification from the Flyby Maintenance app designed for them.


It is possible to prevent guests from leaving if they forget to drop their used towels in the dirty towel unit. Guests can also be charged additional fees if they use more towels than allowed.

Stand Alone Working Model

If Flyby Tracker is not integrated with the facility’s management software and is stand-alone, guests can download the Flyby Tracker app from Google Play or Apple Store and purchase the monthly towel membership service online with a credit card at the price determined by the facility. Using the Flyby Tracker app, guests scan the QR code on the smart device on the Flyby Tracker to open the door and take a clean towel. They can drop the used towel into the dirty towel unit when leaving. It is possible to charge additional fees for exceeding towel allowance or not returning towels.

Maximum Guest Satisfaction

Hygienic Service

You can keep towels clean, tidy, and hygienic for your guests.

Service Quality

Our system sends notifications to the cleaning staff when clean towels are low, so service is never interrupted.

Easy Access

Guests can easily access towels with a membership card, wristband, PIN code, or Flyby Tracker mobile app without the need for on-duty staff.


Flyby Tracker reduces water and energy consumption by preventing the use of excess towels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flyby Tracker is 100% integrated with the global wellness management software Flyby. There is also other fitness management software with which it can be combined. Thanks to the open and flexible API it provides, Flyby Tracker can integrate with any software to retrieve guest information and perform automatic billing in scenarios preferred by the business in question. Flyby Tracker, which can work stand-alone without integrating with any management software, can also be used by guests purchasing individual towel subscriptions through the Flyby Tracker app.

Clean Towel Unit Dimensions
Width: 801 cm
Length:1100 cm
Height: 2031cm

Dirty Towel Unit Dimensions
Width: 801 cm
Length: 1000 cm
Height: 2031cm

Flyby Tracker is used in hospitals to track textile products such as staff uniforms, surgical gowns, and scrubs.

Flyby Tracker’s clean and dirty towel units can be positioned as desired within the facility. Using them as pairs is also not compulsory; for example, using 2 clean towel units with 1 dirty towel unit or vice versa is possible.

Flyby Tracker is a plug-and-play device. It does not require any installation. Having the energy and data line at the installation site is sufficient.

Flyby Tracker works directly with mains electricity (AC) and standard Ethernet cable and does not require a special infrastructure.