How Does FLYBY Tracker Work

FLYBY Tracker is a towel-tracking system designed for use in fitness centers, resort hotels, and similar businesses. It automates the use of towels, tracks their usage, prevents losses and theft, and ultimately reduces costs. So, how does FLYBY Tracker work? Let’s take a closer look together.

FLYBY Tracker allows users in establishments such as fitness centers, resort hotels, and aquaparks to have a unique experience by automatically providing them with towels; this significantly reduces the need for personnel in charge of towel operations, ultimately lowering costs.

How Does FLYBY Tracker Work?

Users open the FLYBY Tracker door by entering their assigned PIN code or by scanning their bracelet or card. After obtaining clean towels, they close the door, preparing the FLYBY Tracker for the next user. Thanks to the washable chips embedded within the towels, they can be tracked in real-time, mitigating unwanted situations like loss or theft.

Once users finish using their towels, they must drop the used towel into the dirty towel bin before leaving the facility. If users fail to return the towel to the dirty towel bin, they will receive a notification at the turnstiles and will not be permitted to exit the facility. Facilities can limit the number of towels each person is allowed to use and charge extra fees for additional usage, creating an additional source of revenue.

As you can see, using FLYBY Tracker is straightforward and practical. FLYBY Tracker ensures that clean towels are always available by sending notifications to facility staff when towel levels are critically low. Limiting the number of towels that can be used and charging for extra usage significantly reduces laundering costs due to decreased towel consumption. In summary, FLYBY Tracker provides a new and convenient user experience while helping facilities save time and money; this solution effectively addresses the problem of lost towels, resulting in substantially reduced costs.